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The Bold Beauty Method Testimonials   

from real students 
At the beginning of The Bold Beauty Method each student sends a "before" of themselves and their current makeup routine.
The "after" represents what they have learned throughout the course and are submitted directly from the student. 
*All makeup images have been done 
and submitted is done by the student*
Darcy Melton


"I love the flexibility of the course since my schedule is always changing. I wish that I was able to be on the live more often but I assure you I am getting so much out of the videos after. My routine has been watch the video (super early morning when the kids are asleep), the practice the technique, and the post my questions. This has worked really well for me. It's kinda funny bc my kids are always like- wow mom you look so beautiful- as opposed to my normal fresh out of bed look :) 

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Tiffany Scruggs

"I  am so happy I stuck with your class. Thank you for your patience and sharing your amazing talent. It felt so good to know how to put makeup on and feel glamorous 🥰"

Christina Baker


"I have to say that because of Meagan and The Bold Beauty Method, I have changed everything about the way I do my makeup, starting from application to how I organize. Everything is outlined over a series of weeks and one of the first things Meagan asks us to do is think about the makeup we're using for complexion and everything in between. What it is we really use and what it is that we don't."


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"The Bold Beauty Method, created by Meagan Brown Richardson, was a wonderful course! I learned the art of applying makeup for any occasion. She is accessible to all her students and keeps in touch after. Meagan empowers women on many levels. She is down to earth and inspires you to strive for your best self. The Bold Beauty Method created by Meagan is the real deal!"

Lillian Palmer, Vocalist, Performer

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"The Bold Beauty Method was EVERYTHING I could have wanted in a program to help me up-level my beauty game!! I already really enjoy makeup, but I’ve pretty much been doing my makeup the same way with many of the same products for YEARS. It was definitely time for an upgrade! Not only did this program provide SUPER in-depth education on makeup + beauty techniques (literally you can’t find ANY of this on YouTube), but it was also so fun to be a part of a group and have Meagan as our guide throughout the whole thing. I am a busy entrepreneur and I really looked forward to having something non-business related that I could dive into on the weekends that was fun and creative. I purchased pretty much all new products as a result of the course which I absolutely love. I feel super confident with my every day look, glam look, and I can finally do my own damn eyeshadow without it looking hideous 🤣🤣 THANK YOU MEAGAN! This was such a great experience! I have the makeup application down to 15 minutes! 

Taylor Lou Dixon, Business Mentor

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After The Bold Beauty Method, I've realized I've spent the past 25 years not really knowing anything about makeup. You don't really know what you're missing until you do. My makeup routine consisted of whatever I was told by the sales person at the time. When I would run out, I would go in, meet with a new sales person and change my routine. I didn't feel confident or happy when I would put my makeup on. It was more of something I had to do. After awhile I ended up just doing the exact same thing over and over. 
I met Meagan through work and she was knowledgeable and always shared makeup tips on set. I loved her energy and was excited to take The Bold Beauty Method for personal and professional growth. I knew going into the course that I wanted to go all in and really take advantage of the one-one-one support from Meagan.
I got so much more out of The Bold Beauty Method than I ever thought possible. I love that Meagan focuses on light, fast and easy application, enhancing my features. I loved the course layout and access to so many resources. My favorite part was having specific feedback and access to Meagan on a weekly basis through the Facebook group and Zoom calls. 
I've completely changed my makeup routine and I feel more confident and excited to try different looks when I wake up every morning. Friends and family have seen a major change in my overall look. I looks fresh and natural. What I love most is understanding what works for my complexion, tone, eye color and features.
I enjoyed my time with Meagan during The Bold Beauty Method and I'm excited to dive into the content again and continue to practice my application! 

Dolores Sali 

President / Creative Director Esprit Creative Management

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After attending Meagan’s “The Bold Beauty Method”classes I can honestly say I’ve never been more comfortable and confident in going out into the public  and participating in the things i enjoy doing. 
Now when I stand and talk with someone face to face I know I look fresh and feel good about myself. 
Her methods of teaching are very easy to understand and apply. As she takes you step by step. 
Her live sessions were always full of energy. And all the online sessions were full of very detailed helpful suggestions and applications. 
Meagan was a pleasure to work with. She always took the time to address each question and concern I had.
Now when I go out I feel young and beautiful!
I’m 76 yrs of age and I’ve never looked younger!
Thank you Meagan for being here.


Marlene Silcocks

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"The Bold Beauty Method gave me the confidence I needed to do my makeup. Before the course I used to avoid doing my makeup because I didn't feel pretty enough, and I was overwhelmed by all the beauty products. Meagan taught me that we are all beautiful in our own unique way. What I love the most about the course is that is very personalized. She helped me to create the best version of myself by teaching me the colors that go best with my skin color and by giving me the technique to make my facial features stand out. Now I know the products that I need to look my best and I am confident that I can do my makeup quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend this course it will change how you see yourself in the mirror."

Andy Cova

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Taking The Bold Beauty Method course far exceeded my expectations and is a great value.  I knew next-to-nothing about makeup application before taking the course and have spent money over the years on the wrong products.  This course is tailored to each person’s complexion and facial features and it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty rather than transforming your face.  Meagan is a breath of fresh air; she’s beautiful both inside and out.  The lessons were thorough, incorporating multiple looks on four models (of different ages and skin tones), so there was usually someone to identify with.  I particularly loved the live sessions when we could interact directly with Meagan.  Her sweet, outgoing personality put everyone at ease and she was always very positive.  She makes everyone feel special and addressed individual concerns.  All the women in the course enjoyed the interaction with each other through these live sessions and through the private Facebook page. It was supportive and fun.  Best of all are the results.  I now know what kind of makeup to buy, which colors to choose, and how to place them on my face to enhance my best features.  I have a new confidence when presenting myself to the public that I didn’t know I could achieve.  I thank Meagan for teaching me much more than makeup application.

Robin H.