Become your own makeup pro 

In 8 weeks

Learn how to enhance your features while looking natural in a minimal amount of time to feel confident expressing yourself in your own unique way.

Round 6 is starting March 6th 

Whether you’re a mom, entrepreneur, or a hard working woman you owe it to yourself to not let your beauty insecurities get in your way.

It's not just about putting makeup on your face, its about understanding how to create looks that make you feel like your best self. 
Whether you've done the same thing for 10+ years or you just want to be intentional with your style, The Bold Beauty Method is all about aligning who you are with how you want to be perceived, and giving you the tools and techniques on how to get there.
You get to choose your beauty path and I  help you get there.
The good news is, you're here, and in the right place if you want to really  master your makeup.

By the end of this program,

you will…


  • Be your own makeup PRO.

    Feel confident with your makeup application. Understand how to enhance your own features and how to look your personal best for every occasion.
  • Know the right products for your complexion to make your makeup routine easy and effortless. 

    Your skin is the most important piece to your makeup application. You'll be guided and supported on the best products to achieve your desired results and understand how to make these decisions for yourself moving forward.
  • Understand the right placements to enhance your unique features

     We all have our own shapes, angels and spacing on our faces which means applying makeup needs to be done strategically according to your OWN features. You'll learn where these placements are and have an entirely new understanding of your face. This is the ultimate GAME CHANGER to makeup when done properly.

  • Have a better understanding of what skincare you need to help regulate your skin type. 

    Having dry or oily skin doesn't have to be apart of your daily struggle. Regulating your skin will instantly give you a confidence boost + improve the way your makeup application looks through the day.
  • Have a makeup application that will last you from morning to night.

    Have a makeup look that is long lasting, and take you from morning to night (when desired).  

"The Bold Beauty Method, created by Meagan Brown Richardson, was a wonderful course! I learned the art of applying makeup for any occasion. She is accessible to all her students and keeps in touch after. Meagan empowers women on many levels. She is down to earth and inspires you to strive for your best self. The Bold Beauty Method created by Meagan is the real deal!"

Lillian Palmer, Vocalist, Performer

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Christina Baker


"I have to say that because of Meagan and The Bold Beauty Method, I have changed everything about the way I do my makeup, starting from application to how I organize. Everything is outlined over a series of weeks and one of the first things Meagan asks us to do is think about the makeup we're using for complexion and everything in between. What it is we really use and what it is that we don't."


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Tiffany Scruggs

"I  am so happy I stuck with your class. Thank you for your patience and sharing your amazing talent. It felt so good to know how to put makeup on and feel glamorous ๐Ÿฅฐ"

Darcy Melton


"I love the flexibility of the course since my schedule is always changing. I wish that I was able to be on the live more often but I assure you I am getting so much out of the videos after. My routine has been watch the video (super early morning when the kids are asleep), the practice the technique, and the post my questions. This has worked really well for me. It's kinda funny bc my kids are always like- wow mom you look so beautiful- as opposed to my normal fresh out of bed look :) 

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What’s Inside The Bold Beauty Method


Starting with the basics you'll learn how to regulate your skin with a gentle and easy skincare routine, learn the proper way to clean your brushes AND start creating inspiration for your beauty style. 

Course Highlights:

  • Makeup Audit- Time to go through everything you own and get set up properly for an efficient application moving forward. 
  • Beauty styling-  Your introduction to how to find the right inspiration for you and what to look for. 
  • Skincare- Learn what ingredients to avoid and what skincare items are necessary for daily use.
  • Learn what your skin type is to have a better understanding of what you need to use within your makeup.
  • Foundation and concealing - Everything you need to know to choose products that match and give the right coverage and finish for every occasion.
  • Highlight & Contour- Learn the REAL way to create undetectable highlight and contour. 
  • Brow shaping, Styling - Determine shape for your brows and application solutions for sparseness.
  • Color Theory + Eyeshadow Hack Understand what colors make your eyes pop & have a selection of virtual colors that will make you look your best.
  • Product Placement & Tools - Having the right products and tools makes everything significantly easier. You'll also understand the proper placement for your unique eye shape, angle and spacing. 
  • Tricks For Self Application- There's always a trick to the trick. Super easy hacks to help you see what you're doing with your eye makeup.
     (Hooded eyes, small eyes, big eyes, downcast eyes, droopy eyes... regardless of the issue, I will teach you a solution) 
  • Lip Finish- Understand what type of finish to wear in different situations.
  • Makeup Styling- Identifying your unique style with the right type of inspiration.
  • Beauty Calendar- Get intentional with your look so you don't fall into doing the same look day after day. 
  • Hair Styling- Learn a variety of different styles to prep your hair with.
  • Hair Cycle- Understand how to work with your hair cycle to create styles and help your hair grow


**All modules were filmed using models of different ages and ethnicities.**

Demo Models

Inside The Bold Beauty Method :


PRE-enroll in The Bold Beauty Method for late 2023/early 2024


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Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students asked before joining The Bold Beauty Method

"The Bold Beauty Method was EVERYTHING I could have wanted in a program to help me up-level my beauty game!! I already really enjoy makeup, but I’ve pretty much been doing my makeup the same way with many of the same products for YEARS. It was definitely time for an upgrade! Not only did this program provide SUPER in-depth education on makeup + beauty techniques (literally you can’t find ANY of this on YouTube), but it was also so fun to be a part of a group and have Meagan as our guide throughout the whole thing. I am a busy entrepreneur and I really looked forward to having something non-business related that I could dive into on the weekends that was fun and creative. I purchased pretty much all new products as a result of the course which I absolutely love. I feel super confident with my every day look, glam look, and I can finally do my own damn eyeshadow without it looking hideous ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ THANK YOU MEAGAN! This was such a great experience! I have the makeup application down to 15 minutes! 

Taylor Lou Dixon, Business Mentor

The Bold Beauty Method is PERFECT for you if… 


    • Keep falling back on the same routine you’ve been doing for years and keep doing the same look over and over again.
    • Want to look your personal best in an easy effortless way.
    • Like playing with makeup but just not getting the look you are going for. 
    • You're being seen in person with your daily look, or on a zoom call and just want to look your personal best. 
    • You have no idea what compliments your coloring or style that will amplify your look.
    • Over trying a million products that just don't work the way you want them to. 

Meet Meagan :

Hi! I'm Meagan 

Your personal makeup bestie. I've been working in the industry of beauty for  13+ years  working with women of all skin tones, skin types and ages. I'm on a mission to teach women REAL answers on beauty and am so excited to guide you through the next 8 weeks.
I've experienced first hand the confidence that comes by truly understanding what to do when it comes to your makeup application. More than anything, I want to teach you how to be your own makeup pro and master beauty and style on your own terms.
I’ve taken your time into consideration, and promise to only deliver information that is relevant and important for you to be successful. My goal is for you to master your daily routine by understanding how to enhance your features while looking natural in. a minimal amount of time.
Should you choose to go through this journey with me, I personally guarantee that these 8 week will completely change your perspective and approach to your makeup forever.
This is a commitment on both sides. Me the artist and you the student. This program is designed to make you successful at your own beauty application, but requires you to put time and effort in for it to actually pay off.
I look forward to seeing you inside The Bold Beauty Method.
With love,


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All professional images were taken by Jen Brown @ofstardustandearth, Makeup & Hair by Meagan. 
All B&A images were taken by previous Bold Beauty students.